10 Tips to Improve your Website SEO in 2023

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There are many tips to improve SEO, but not all of them applied to your website, it's you who need to decide. SEO is vital to have a good positioning of our website. We all know that when we search on Google, we do not stop to scroll down in most cases or to look at other pages of results, but we always usually click on the websites shown in the upper area, that is, 3- First 5 entries shown.

Therefore, no matter how good your website has content or very good services you offer, if you are not at the top you will be invisible to users who are looking for what you offer. This is how essential SEO is if you want to be visible on the web … In this post, we will show you some tips to improve the SEO of your website.

How does the Google algorithm work?

Knowing exactly how Google’s algorithm works is tricky. But it is known that Google “likes” certain things on which it relies to position the web in a better or worse position.

But we do know well how Google works in broad strokes. Google is a search engine, and therefore, what it does is send its bots or spiders to crawl the web in search of new web pages and content. This step is called crawling. Once located, thanks to its servers it is indexed, that is, it is included in its indexes so that it appears when we do a search.

Finally, it will clean possible results that are not pleasant, that is, what may be spam. But during the indexing process, they will be positioned in a certain position based on some things like the number of visits, the number of comments, the quality or length of the published posts, etc. Therefore, make sure that all these values ​​are as high as possible.

As I said, nobody knows 100% how the algorithm that is in charge of ranking the pages works, and also, with the respective updates (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird,…) the parameters are changed. Since Google tries to learn from users and avoid the deceptions that are made in terms of SEO to position better, thus prevents low-quality content from rising in the ranking.

10 Tips to improve the SEO of your website

Now we are going to give you some tips to improve the SEO of your website. Well, once this is known, we are going to see some things that will always work, whatever the Google update for their algorithm. In addition, it will not only affect Google, but also how users see your website, and therefore, they will return, generating more visits:

1- Improve usability:

The distribution of your website must be optimal, so that the user enters, sees everything there is and moves to any content without great inconvenience. Therefore, access your own website or that of the competition (it can give you ideas) and see what menus or content placements are more comfortable for you. Also, add a contact page, this is interesting too.

2- Length of the posts or entries that you create:

Create content not only thinking about SEO but about your readers. This is very important, in addition, that it is of quality and with an adequate length. In general, entries with long lengths are best positioned. Never less than 300 words, and make sure they are bold highlighting the keywords, images (with appropriate tags, and keywords in the file name, alt tag, …), videos, lists, use of SEO plugins, headers to separate sections of text, links, that have good readability, suitable keywords, encourage users to leave comments, fair tags (do not generate too many, since Google interprets them as low-quality content), etc.

3- The loading speed also influences:

Google knows too much, and if they are pages with slower loads, it will relegate them to lower positions to show users the fastest websites. That is why I recommend you read our article on how to improve loading speed.

4- Optimize your website for mobile devices:

Many templates for your CMS are responsive. Make sure yours is, as not only does it matter how beautiful it is, but it is well suited to smartphones and tablets. Remember that most of the current accesses are made from this type of equipment, so not having a good optimization in this sense will mean that you are distancing most of the visits.

5- Social networks are a good way to get your content to more people:

Share your content through bots or plugins on social networks. That will increase visits and also rank better.

6- Originality will distinguish you from the rest:

Although it does not directly affect Google’s algorithm, it will do so indirectly. Within the niche you are in, you will attract more users who do not find what you have in other places. That is, it gives what others do not give, and not the same or cut-paste …

7- Generate backlinks, that is, that other websites insert links to ours:

That usually improves a lot in the Google Page Rank, since it means that you are “giving something to talk about” on the net because others are interested in what you do. 

8- Update your content:

Do not be inconsistent when publishing content. Make sure you post regularly and as often as possible.

9- Play with the design, with the colors of your website:

This is not going to directly affect the algorithms either, but there are ways to generate intrigue, to incite users to enter and read. Colors used in web design, for example, can help. For example, if you’re talking about something serious, don’t use bright colors like yellow … 

10- This is the most human:

But worrying about your users, getting to know them closely and knowing what they are looking for and what they like the most, will also help you give them what they want and generate more attraction.

With these ideas and patience, your website will go up.

Have you found these tips to improve the SEO of your website helpful? Contact us for more information if you want to improve the SEO of your website.

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