SEO Tips and Tricks in 2023 to Rank Higher on SERPs

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SEO Tips and Tricks

Every year Google comes up with updates to give a better search experience for its users. That would mean SEO techniques and practices must adapt to the latest updates. This article is for you if you are looking for what works in 2023. Below are some tips and tricks to dominate the SERP in 2023.

Optimize for Google News:

Google news is a great tool to boost your brand visibility and generate traffic. Older generations preferred newspapers, but this is changing with the new generation’s preference for online news outlets. Since Google is a top brand, Google News is seen as a credible source by millions of people worldwide. So, finding a way to get your article featured in Google News can work wonders for your brand. Get the help of the SEO company in Delhi or any other city to optimise for Google News.

There are several benefits to getting featured in Google News. Since Google verifies every article submission before it gets featured, content on Google News adds to the trustworthiness of the content. It will help brands build their authority and showcase themselves as experts in the field. Work with the best Indian SEO company for effective content marketing.

The algorithm decides which content to rank on Google News, and humans have little say in the selection. But still, several ranking factors can help brands increase their chances of getting featured on Google News. Here are a few:
  • Headlines: The headlines should summarise the content and contain the relevant keywords.
  • Citation: If your article is popular and referenced by other sites, Google could pick your article for Google News.
  • Click-Through-Rate: The title and the images must be catchy to entice readers to click.
  • Topical Authority: Google selects content from experts who have been writing about it for a long time.
  • Entities: Google also ranks content about influential people, events, places, and organisations.
The first thing that people read is headlines. So, the headline must have the right words that describe the article interestingly. The headline must not only size up the entire article in a few words, but it should also invite readers into the body of the text. Using keywords referring to highly influential people, places, and organisations in your headline will help you rank. For instance, Elon Musk is a popular figure; and Tesla is a leading brand. When your headlines include the search terms referring to persons and brands, Google will feature your content. A company providing local SEO services in India will help you write content for the locals.

People have short attention spans today, and they will not be patient to read your article word by word. You should give as many details as possible in the first paragraph. This paragraph should contain the purpose of the article, what is coming next, and the timing of the publication. The rest of the content should elaborate and support the first paragraph. A digital marketing agency in Delhi providing local SEO services in India will help you devise an effective local SEO strategy.

When you submit content for Google News, be early as possible. The earlier your article is published, the more the chances of getting published. You should also provide your forecasts and predictions for the future. It will help people notice you, even before other outlets cover them.

Google Passage Ranking:

Google’s Passage Ranking update officially came out in February 2021. Now, Google can use specific passages in your content to feature it on the SERP. Google can now better understand the context and meaning of particular passages. Earlier it used to be that content that does not devote long paragraphs for queries cannot rank for the same. The answers were present in a small sentence somewhere towards the end. Google solves this problem through the update, and now individual paragraphs containing answers for user queries can rank.

Google has stated that there is nothing there to optimise for passage ranking. The algorithm itself scans content to pick paragraphs that answer search queries. So, brands must write quality content.

Long-form content is a big win after this algorithm update. Long blog posts will have several paragraphs that address the topics. These paragraphs would address topics not directly related but are still essential for the post. There is a chance that these paragraphs rank for several related keywords. Each paragraph in the post should stand on its own yet relate to the topic organically. Therefore, writing long-form content with multiple subheadings that address related topics helps your passages rank.

It is also necessary to keep in mind related search terms that users could use. Slightly deviating from the main topic to address topics containing related keywords will help your passages rank. However, it is crucial not to get distracted and lose focus on the topic.

You can also target subheadings that can tell what the paragraph is about. Incorporating related keywords into these subheadings will help your passages rank.

Comparison Keywords:

These are keywords that contrast and differentiate two brands or products. For instance, the comparison could be between SEO vs. PPC. You can also compare your brand against your competitors. This method allows you to rank for related keywords.

The advantage of this method is that it has low competition. As not many brands use these keywords, you can make the most of them. You can also write long-form content comparing and contrasting the products offered by brands in the industry. It will help you attract traffic from your competitors and a wide section of your target audience.

Go to Related Industries for Links:

You could be in an industry that has few bloggers and experts. In those circumstances, you cannot get enough links for your content. Getting links is crucial for rankings, but what would you do to get citations if very few people were there in the industry?

You can slightly niche down when you do not have enough people to get links. Think of how you can use your services to help people in related industries. For instance, a blogger in the travel industry can slightly niche down to write about his experiences with food in different places around the world. When he does this, he can attract the attention of food bloggers. In this way, he can show the article and get backlinks from them.

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