Guide to Make Money through Affiliate Marketing on Youtube for Beginners

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Affiliate Marketing on Youtube

Affiliate Marketing on Youtube means you can make money on Youtube with Affiliate Marketing. Have you ever wondered how YouTubers do this? Please refer to the following article to know how to make money through affiliate marketing with youtube for beginners.

What is Affiliate Marketing on Youtube?

Youtube is the leading search engine in the world and a hugely visited website with over 1.5 billion monthly users.

Content creators make money on Youtube by placing links to products related to the topic of the Youtube video. The video content they create drives Affiliate Marketing through the links in the video description. In each video, you can insert product affiliate links, discount codes, coupons for that product. Each signup or purchase from the link will earn them a commission.

The form of making money through Affiliate Marketing is now very popular. As an Affiliate, you will earn a good commission if you take your content creation seriously and provide useful content to your users.

Reasons you should start making money on Youtube?

Easy to get started right away

Affiliate Marketing on Youtube is much easier than when you do Affiliate on Website, Build Community on Fanpage, etc. Usually, those who do Affiliate Marketing on Websites need to invest a lot in SEO keywords up. top Google to attract customer traffic. This takes a lot of time and knowledge about Website design.

SEO on Youtube will be very easy because you only need to spend a few days learning techniques for effective Youtube SEO. If compared in time, investing in Youtube Affiliate Marketing will be much faster and more effective. Besides, Youtube users are very large, so there are many opportunities to pull traffic sources if your video content is very creative and SEO keywords are right in the search trends.

Content marketing is based on creativity

When making money on Youtube, all you need to do is focus on investing seriously in terms of content. Videos with creativity, fresh and engaging content will be a potential video to attract customers to increase traffic to your channel. In addition, the more unique the video content, the more YouTube will put it in the recommendations section of videos with related content.

No need to spend financial investment

For other forms of making money online, you will think that you need to spend some initial capital to invest. For example, if you want to create a Website to do Marketing, you will need to buy a domain (domain name), hosting, Google Ads advertising… And if you do business on Fanpage, you also need to initially run Facebook ads to reach out. client.

Making money on Youtube is quite the opposite. All you need is an average video recording device and a computer for video editing and you can get started right away.

How to do Affiliate Marketing on Youtube

Keyword research

Just like when creating SEO-focused content for your Web site or Blog, a similar keyword strategy can be used for YouTube.

Refer to other people’s video content relevant to the topic or product you intend to market. Ask yourself if there’s anything they left out in your content that you could cover in more depth in your content or is there something you could elaborate on.

Make sure you use your main keyword in the title of the video. Then use it and other related keywords in the tags of the video, mention it clearly in the video content and the first sentence of your video description.

Write a detailed description of your Video

Writing a video description about 250-500 words in length is ideal. This length is reasonable because Youtube always encourages users to watch more Videos. Use your keywords over and over, naturally repeating throughout the video description. You should insert affiliate links, discount codes, coupons of the product under the description so that when viewers click on it, you will have a commission.

Create a Playlist to link Videos with related content

You can connect Videos with related content together to increase views across all. When users watch a Video in your Playlist, Youtube will suggest to them other interesting Videos with a Playlist about the topic they are interested in.

Who can do Affiliate Marketing on Youtube?

Anyone can do Affiliate Marketing on Youtube. What you need to do is invest in serious content creation to attract viewers and turn them into your customers.

Affiliate marketing is the best and easiest form to do with very good revenue. This way, you will find products of companies and then register for an Affiliate account. You review that product on your videos and introduce the link containing your affiliate code in the video and the description. When customers click on that link, they make a purchase and you get paid a commission of 20 – 70% / 1 order.


Above is a guide to making money through affiliate marketing with youtube for beginners. Hopefully, after this article, you are ready to start making money with these many attractive campaigns. Good luck.

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